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A wonder-filled world of moving mechanical devices

Winding Thoughts Theatre

The Masterpiece of the Lost Gypsy

The Winding Thoughts Theatre is the creation of Blair Somerville, a NZ artist who is critically acclaimed for his automata art. No trip to the Lost Gypsy is complete without seeing the Theatre. Blair spend more than two decades making works meant to be touched, and his very best works are in this museum ready for you to be operated.

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Rewarding the Curious

It’s that hidden gem in the Deep South waiting to be discovered. Adventuring with your partner, friends, or solo -your tiki tour in The Catlins is not complete without visiting The Lost Gypsy.

Why, you say? What’s so special about it?
This is a place you could have never imagined to exist- and will never see alike. Here, at the far end of the world, artist Blair Somerville has dedicated his life into an ever-growing tinkering oasis. All he touches turns into art, and you’ll run out of ears and eyes to capture his inventions. In here, creativity is seeping out of every nook and cranny.

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What is the must-see?
Every Winter Blair toils on his Masterpiece, The Winding Thoughts Theatre. If you want to capture a glimpse of his genius mind, make sure to explore this museum. Your curiosity will be rewarded. Blair is obsessed with movement -sound – light, so all in here is made to pleasure your senses. Wind handles. Push buttons. Touching stuff is a MUST! Its automata art at its finest, and the closest thing to making you feel like a kid again. Without a doubt the highlight of your Catlins trip.

How much is it?
The museum is $8, which can be paid in the Gallery (inside a green Leyland house bus). Visit the museum by opening the gate and wander the path – it’s up in the garden. Tip, if you’d like a taste of the place, start in the Gallery, which is free. Visitors keep telling us that this is the best money they’ve spent in The Catlins – and we dare you to find anything better!

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